Expunctions Attorney in Fort Worth

Don't let your record affect your future!

When you are arrested for committing a crime, your life will be affected even if you aren't convicted of the offense. Once arrested, your criminal record is opened and no matter what the circumstances are and what results from the arrest, your future can be negatively impacted. Whether you are unable to get funding for school or housing or you can't get hired for a job based on your record, having your past haunt your future isn't something you should have to live with; and with the help of The Law Office of Lesa Pamplin, P.C., you might not have to.

We will work hard to expunge your record to make any trace of past arrests or convictions as if they never occurred. Expunging your record means that trial notes, arrest records, and even computer records and reports relating to your arrest and any pending charges would be removed. Let us help you by determining whether you are eligible under Texas or federal law for an expungement. Contact us today to learn more!

The Benefits of Sealing Your Record

You deserve a fresh start and Attorney Pamplin can help you get one. As a highly educated and experienced former prosecutor and police officer, our lead attorney has the knowledge and proven track record of success to help you achieve your goals.

Having your criminal record expunged gives you:

  • Eligibility for student loans
  • Eligibility for housing assistance
  • Eligibility for professional licenses and certificates
  • Clear background checks in the future

Contact a Fort Worth Expunction Attorney

The Law Office of Lesa Pamplin, P.C. is qualified and ready to assist you in the process of sealing your records and expunging your criminal convictions. Call our office today to discuss your case and how we can help you. We offer a confidential consultation, so don't hesitate to contact us for help!

Our Settlements & Verdicts

Our top priority is to devise customized legal strategies that are tailored to the unique legal needs of our clients, no matter how simple or complicated their situations, might be.

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