Arrested for Drug Trafficking?

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Drug trafficking is a seen as a serious problem in the state of Texas because of its close proximity to the border into Mexico. Millions of dollars of various types of drugs are manufactured in Mexico and then transported to Texas. Charges for drug trafficking are serious, and can be prosecuted on the federal level if you take drugs across state or national lines.

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You can face severe penalties if convicted of drug trafficking depending on the type of drugs involved and the amount.

Penalties are based on the class or schedule of drugs in question:

  • Schedule I—opiates, marijuana, heroin, LSD
  • Schedule II—cocaine, PCP
  • Schedule III—Methamphetamines, anabolic steroids
  • Schedule IV—barbital, flunitrazepam
  • Schedule V—dihydrocodeine, ethylmorphine

Punishments can include years and even decades in prison, heavy fines which can reach into the millions of dollars, and potentially probation as part of a plea deal

Factors Assessed in Drug Trafficking Cases

Law enforcement will use various strategies to build a case against you. Anything that they find during a search of your premise can be used against you to convict you, which is why you should always make the police get a warrant before searching your home. If an illegal search and seizure was used in your drug case, we can use this as part of your defense.

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